Difference in Competency Between Adn and Bsn Essay

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Difference in Competencies Between Associate Degree and Baccalaureate Degree Nurses
Demand for highly qualified and proficient registered nurses has been on the rise and will be the same in the coming future. The required qualification for an entry level for nursing profession has always been a topic of debate. The main purpose of this paper is to compare the level of proficiency between nurses educated at a baccalaureate degree level to that of an associate degree level. To provide efficient care for their clients nurses have to be equally skilled and knowledgeable. Experience can increase skill level, which alone is not enough, but a blend of proficient knowledge, leadership, research, decision making ability and planning
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BSN nurses in comparison to ADN nurses are prepared to handle and function on versatile settings by utilizing critical thinking abilities, leadership qualities and managerial qualities for better promotion of health (Finkleman & Kenner, 2010,Pg133). To support this claim, one night one of my client who was recovering from a surgery happened to experience a sudden incident of sharp shooting chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath. On examination his baseline vitals were normal, I came to a conclusion that the chest pain might be related to a possible Myocardial infract so I got a base line electrocardiogram, started him on oxygen and got orders for administering nitroglycerin sublingual. But even after administering his pain was not getting any better. During all this my fellow nurse who was a BSN prepared nurse was in the room she assessed my patient and noticed that he had swelling in his left leg with positive Homan’s sign, seeing that she asked me if my patient was any blood thinners for deep vein thrombosis prophylaxis, which he was not. So she asked me to call the doctor back and get a STAT order for chest CT for pulmonary embolism protocol. The patient was taken to CT scan and surely when the result came he had massive pulmonary emboli. The patient was started on a heparin drip and transferred to intensive care unit. The life of the patient was saved because of my colleague’s timely

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