Difference Between Working Mothers And Stay At-Home Mothers

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Gender refers to the identification of persons in relation to the culture of their geographical region. The article concerns itself with what brings about the differences between working mothers and stay-at-home mothers. It also brings out the existing classification of mothers (that is, working mothers and stay-at-home mothers). In addition, it portrays the effects of gender in the society. Further, it denotes the perception of children towards the differences existing between their parents.
Working mothers This refers to mothers who associate themselves with various income generating activities. They have lesser dependence on either their spouses or their parents. They involve both the married working mothers and single working
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This results from the long working hours at work places. They have less time to stay and communicate with their families. They further need to ensure they provide and prepare meals to their families. On the other hand, stay-at-home mothers have enough time with their families. They perform the household chores in good time. They establish a continuous relationship with their families and have better communication with other family members. This is because they do not suffer much from work fatigue.
b) Independent characteristic
The independence of women depends on either marriage or the work that she carries out. Stay-at-home mothers depend on their spouses for most of their requirements. Working mothers are by some means independent, as they earn. From their salaries, they purchase what they require and contribute some amount to the sustenance of their family needs. However, most of the single mothers are fully independent. This is due to the reason that they are their families’ sole providers. They take complete control of the family activities. According to tradition, women should be submissive to the males in the society. Contrary, working mothers are less likely to show much respect on men because of their independent
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The amount of work depends on the ability to complete the tasks (Williams 2010). Hence, those working at home have more tasks to perform. It is unfortunate that mothers working outside their homes think they perform many tasks. In their, offices, they carry out routine work, which can rarely come to completion. In addition, married working moms do get some assistance from their husbands. Stay-at-home mothers will never get this advantage. Their spouses only expect to find everything ready, and the house to be in order. On the other hand, single mothers encounter more work mysteries. Despite working mothers opting to become stay-at-home-moms, single mothers have the urge to continue working (Valenti 2008). People believe that single moms will soon be living in poverty, as there is acceleration in their

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