Difference Between Waterfall Model And Waterfall Models

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Topic: “Comparison between waterfall Model and incremental Model”
This paper is about the comparison between two software models name waterfall model and incremental model. It provides framework which describe the similarities and differences among these two models of software development (waterfall and incremental model). So the main objective of this research paper is to represent these models and make comparison and shows the defects and features of these two models as well. Basic thing about waterfall model is , when the previous phase is over then after that the next phase of model will be start. In incremental model all the increments are on the basis of functionality, each new release add functionality in the previous release.
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Different software approaches designed and defined which are used in software development process and these approaches known as “software development process model”. Water fall model and incremental model are also software development process model and follows particular life cycle. Waterfall Model is used when requirements are frozen/completely known and systematic sequential approach is used. Customers are not involve in this model during developing the software. Whereas in incremental model requirements are not freeze there are increments in features new functionalities are added after each increment. Customers involve at each stage of incremental model and will priorities the user requirements and there are time to time increments in the features. Feature wise comparison of Waterfall and incremental model are also described in the paper.
Literature review: All the phases are simulated in the waterfall and incremental model. In waterfall Model the output of one phase becomes input of the next phase but there is option in the next cycle to revisit phase. For creating a fully quality product, with each increment specific functionalities are added , each increment is used as input of the next increment [1]. In water fall Model software through separate well defined activities it tackled complexities orderly and structured manner and
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Advantages and disadvantages of waterfall Model and Incremental Model

Waterfall Model:


 It is easy to use
 Milestones are well defined
 It works god when requirements are well defined
 Only one phase is completed at one time
 When quality is important than cost it works well
 Good for smaller projects
 it sets requirements stability
 risk factor is high
 it is not good model for complex projects and that projects which takes more than few months
 customers are not involve during the development of software
 requirements are frozen (can not change during making the software)

Incremental Model:


 During smaller iteration, it is very easy to test and debug
 Initial delivery cost is low
 Changing requirements risk is reduced
 To change requirements and scope, it is less costly and more flexible
 During iteration risks are identified so it is easy to manage risks
 Customer involve in each build
 Good planning and design required
 Total cost of system is high
 Phases are rigid and do not overlap each other
 Module interfaces shoul be well defined

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