Difference Between Wasp And Honey Bee

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There are three differences between wasp and honey bee. The first difference between wasp and honey bee is sting. Honey bee can sting only once in its life due to the fact that bee's stinger is a part of its thorax. On the other hand, wasp can sting multiple times. The next difference is habitat. Honey bees live in their hexagonal wax hive that made from beeswax. Unlike bee hive, wasps can't produce wax, so they use wood pulp to create their nest. The last difference is aggressiveness. Honey bees usually sting when they have to protect their hive or themself. They are not easily provoked. In contrast, wasps are more aggressiveness than honey bees. They are more likely to sting human. In sum, there are many differences between honey bee and

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