Difference Between Values And Values Essay

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What people ought to do is usually associated with what people have most reason to do. Reasoning is a characteristic feature of humans, an essential tool of thinking that enables people to learn the truth and to rationalize their understanding of the world. Most importantly, reason is the primary source of justification that explains human actions, beliefs and behaviours. By exercising rational reasoning, humans weight up their available alternatives and act according to the best possible option. Yet, to exercise this intrinsic human feature and make rational choices, alternatives must be comparable. However, some philosophers argue that comparison is not always possible between values or bearers of values. Suppose that one (S) has to decide whether have friends or money. What would be a reasonable choice for S to make? And how could S justify it? Both values are good and valuable for different reasons, yet it is difficult to find a single scale that you can use in their comparison. It seems that comparison of values is not always possible. If rational choice is the condition of value comparability, does value incomparability imply that rational choice, thus practical reasoning fails?
In this essay, I intend to explain the theory of incommensurable, as well as incomparable values. Firstly, I will give a brief outline of the issue by clarifying the basic concepts, such as values, and I will examine the relationship between commensurability and comparability. In the…

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