Analyse The Difference Between Values And Attitudes

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Attitudes and values are unpinning beliefs and behaviours that each unique individual holds personally and can be seen to develop throughout their lifetime. Thompson and Thompson (2016) identify our values hold high regard and worth, they are our own principles, morals and qualities that steer us to think about what is right and wrong. However, as citied by Hogg and Vaughan (2005) our attitudes are the feelings, actions and behavioral tendencies as a result of our values. Difference Between Values and Attitudes (2012) recognises that they may adapt and change dependant on time and place but may also evolve due to many other factors. These can include the society we habitat within, our personal experiences, cultural expectations and differences. As suggested by Doel and Shardlow (2005) all individuals have world-views, whether they are small or large, these enable us to make sense …show more content…
It is important that we do not influence decisions based on our own values, we should always work from the basis of supporting the service users own personal views. As suggested by Thompson and Thompson (2016) our value base seeks to be a vital component for social work practice as it will endeavour to guide us, whether that be to highlight possible dilemmas or to maintain our own sense of identity. An understanding of attitudes and values is important to defer us aware from the dangers of being judgemental and allows us to open wider context with service users to empower, motivate and build relationships with them.
Throughout this essay I will identify and analyse how my own personal attitudes and values formed and developed throughout my lifetime, particularly towards decriminalisation of heroin. It will also explore my thoughts and feelings towards how working as part of a group effected my attitudes and values towards groupwork and our

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