Deontological Moral System

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Even though human nature deems that there are always those few individuals who will do what they can to cheat the system. This is not a reason for allowing those who are suffering in pain to continue to live a diminished quality of life. Affective polices and regulations can prevent abuse of the right to choose when to die with dignity and respect. To prolong a life that is creating more pain for not only the individual and the loved ones of that person can be considered inhumane. To determine ones fate on the opinion of others is not a reasonable premise to decide laws pertaining to another’s life. Since current laws hold responsibility for an individual’s actions, then right to choose life or death can only be decided by that sole individual. …show more content…
With the issue of whether or not someone should have the right to choose when to die would be that of the duty towards the situation. Core principles of a deontological moral system is characterized by a sticking to a set of moral rules or duties. This suggests that to behave with correct moral behavior, a person needs to understand what those moral duties are. Basically when we follow the rules, our duty, we have behaving morally. If one does not, he/she is behaving immorally. There are many sets and systems that follow a deontological view on ethical decisions; such as religious groups, employers and educational systems. All follow a list of rules that would be the moral duty to follow when put in certain …show more content…
They fight authority and try to cheat the system to benefit themselves no matter the means. An article from Value Inquiry Book Series called Value and Obligation of that, “Consideration of consequences is compatible and consistent with a deontological ethics that stresses action, instead of intent.”(McDonald, 2014). Following ethical theory is not a presentable reason to prohibit these policies that will end the suffering for so many people by allowing mercy to them. What kind of life would someone have if they relied on someone to feed them, clothe them, and do everything for them because they are completely helpless? A person would not want to life with the humiliation and a diminished quality of life. The fate of people’s lives hold solely in that individual and so does the right to end such life. Laws cannot police human behavior, and a government cannot hold ground to the decisions over people’s life; only the one who controls their

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