Differences: Similarities Between Tornadoes And Hurricanes

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“We understand tornadoes scientifically, but it still feels supernatural. The randomness makes it feel”-Michael Koryta. Tornadoes and hurricanes can be different in unique ways. Tornadoes and hurricanes are extremely alike but when it comes to speed, damage, and their formation they are extremely different. The first difference between tornadoes and hurricanes are the average speeds of tornadoes and hurricanes. There is a specific range of speeds of hurricanes. Tornadoes are able to produce produce winds of 74 mph per hour or higher (Dunbar). If a tropical storm reaches 74 mph, it becomes a hurricane (Dunbar). Category five hurricanes can also sustain winds that exceed 155 mph (News, ABC).
There are all sorts estimated speeds for tornadoes.. The tornadoes with wind speeds more than 300 mph, are considered to be the most powerful tornadoes (Clark). A tornadoes’ winds can reach 250 mph and can clear a mile wide pathway that is 50 miles long (“Tornadoes”). Speed is not the only difference between tornadoes and hurricanes, they also create different amounts of damage. The damage done by tornadoes and hurricanes including the average number of people killed. Hurricanes can do extreme damage, Hurricanes can cause around $3 billion in damage each time they touch the
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Hurricanes and tornadoes are different for numerous ways, the three ways that I talked about were formation, speed and damage. Are hurricanes or tornadoes worse? Should people be more afraid of hurricanes or tornadoes? Do tornadoes or hurricanes form on the ocean? Do tornadoes last longer than hurricanes? Where do tornadoes happen? Where do hurricanes happen? Can tornadoes and hurricanes kill people? Do tornadoes cause flooding? Would a person most likely survive a hurricane or a tornado? Do hurricanes or tornadoes do more destruction? Where are hurricanes most

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