Difference Between Survival And Survival In Life Of Pi

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The Difference Between Survival and Living Even though the act of surviving and living can share common factors, In Life of Pi, Pi tells a story of survival compared to Big Fish where Edward Bloom tells a story of life and is conveyed as two completely different lifestyles. Pi tells his story has he has to do anything to be alive, and overcoming many obstacles such as staying alive with all the animals one the raft with him and killing/eating fish in order to "survive". Edward Bloom tells his story as how he makes his life better for example, he chased for the girl of his dreams just so he can be happy, he does not need the girl in order to stay alive that is Edward Blooms story is different from survival. Survival is the struggle to remain living with nothing but self-preservation. When facing situations where death is a possibility, mental strength is key ' emotions …show more content…
Edward Bloom and Pi uses different ways to survive or live a better lifestyle. In Life of Pi, Pi uses every mental and physical aspect to ensure he reaches his "goal"; see his parents in

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