Stress And Grey Hair Essay

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Stress and grey hair – fact or fiction

A popular belief is that stress may cause grey hair. But is that a fact or a fiction? Is it possible that hair turns gray overnight? Many would say it is possible and one of the examples is Marie Antoinette. Supposedly, right before she was guillotined, her hair turned white. While stress may cause certain issues, the questions is, can the stress really change the color of the hair?
In certain age, hair starts to change its color, and in most cases, first white hairs are noticeable in the thirties. Some people may notice a few grey hairs earlier, while some won’t have a single grey hair until they are in the fifties. The question is, is the stress the main reason of premature greying, or is it genetics, or some other reasons?

Why the hair changes its color and becomes grey?
One of the main questions is why the hair changes its color
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However, there is still no evidence that hormones of stress have the impact on melanocytes, and that they are the reason why melanocytes fail to deliver the pigment to keratin cells. All that means there is still no evidence or clear link that connects stress and grey or white hair. The conclusion is that stress and grey hair are a fiction.

What are the causes of premature greying?
For now, there is no link between stress and grey hair. What may cause premature greying? Here are some of the causes:
• Genetics – people whose parents have grey hair earlier in life, for instance their thirties, are more prone to it. It means they are most likely notice first grey hairs in that same age.
• Poor nutrition – many different studies shown how poor nutrition may have a huge impact on the scalp, and quality of hair, and even its color. Lack of protein, vitamins and minerals may lead to premature greying.
• Smoking –due to smoking, pigmentation capacity may be decreased, which lead to premature

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