A Compare And Contrast Essay About Sound And Light

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A wave is a disturbance of energy. Sound and light are both disturbances in energy, and they both travel in the forms of waves. While sound travels in a longitudinal wave, light travels through a transverse wave. From a perspective of a human, sound and light on earth is very different compared to sound and light in space. These waves have differences in speed, form, shape, and other properties. Despite many of the differences, sound and light are very similar to each other.
Light is a disturbance in energy in the form of a transverse wave. In space, light is different. One reason light can travel in space is that light can change its form to a particle, which sound cannot. When in a vacuum, light travels 300,000 km per second. There are no objects to interfere with this speed, except small rocks and plants. These small objects will not impact the overall speed. When light enters the earth’s atmosphere, there are barriers that slow the light down. One example of a barrier is that air moules in the air will interfere with the light and eventually slow down the speed. Also light can be rafracted when it passes through a glass or plastic. It can also be reflected off all objects, creating constructive and
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These kids think that space is where fiery explosions and loud noises are located. There cannot be fire in space. Snice fire, the kindling of gases, is a reaction, it needs air. In space, there is nowhere for this energy to be released, so fire can't happen in space. Also, sound cannot travel in space. Since sound is a longitudinal wave, it needs a medium to travel though. In the vacuum of space, there is nothing that sound can travel through, in turn making space silent. The way of communication is to use radio waves that can be turned into sound waves. As stated, sound and fire cannot be made in outer

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