Homeland Security And Homeland Defense: The United States Department Of Defense

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Since the inception of nations, countries and borders, security and defense has always been paramount. The security of its people and defense of its infrastructure are vital to not only the sovereignty of a nation but the well-being of its citizens. Throughout history we have seen nations fall and governments toppled due to its inability to protect itself from both insider and outside threats. America has witnessed these situations time and time again since its birth in 1776. It has also had its own fair share of attempts to cripple its defenses and collapse the country from within. Understanding the concepts of homeland security and homeland defense are vital to preventing, preparing for and minimizing the effects
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The Department of Defense (DoD) plays a significant role in homeland security despite not being a part of the Department of Homeland Security. The DoD’s role is to protect the critical infrastructure of the United States and its domestic population (U.S. Department of Defense, 2003). An example of this would be the DoD’s role in incepting a terrorist-hijacked aircraft over American soil (Verga, 2007). Further the National Guard can be employed by the state of which the agency falls under at any given time per the discretion of the Governor of the state. This includes activations during emergencies and disasters. The National Guard is often recalled to assist with the protection of personnel and resources when local and state agencies are overwhelmed with the situation (U.S. Department of Defense). These situations range from hurricanes, mudslides, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, terrorism and CBRNE …show more content…
The DHS is the parent agency for several administrations, components and advisory groups dedicated to the security of the homeland. These include the Coast Guard, Secret Service, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Homeland Security Advisory Council, the Domestic Nuclear Detection Office, Customs and Border Protection, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Department of Homeland Security, 2016a). Each of the child agencies of the DHS are crucial in the goals of homeland security. They all support the preparation for, prevention and response to hostile actions against America. Between the two concepts of homeland security and homeland defense, an estimated $575B of America’s annual budget is utilized for homeland security and homeland defense (Department of Defense; Department of Homeland Security 2016b). The outline for homeland security and homeland defense are identified through national security strategies. These strategies provide the framework of the individual roles of each organization under the U.S. Government and how they relate to national defense and national security. Further, these strategies identify the resources necessary and the overlapping roles and capabilities each agency should have to aid the overall all strategies of national defense and national security (U.S Government Accountability Office,

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