Essay on Difference Between Resultant and Equilibrant

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The 7 Main Approaches/Perspectives to Psychology

*Many psychologists may believe that each perspective has valid explanations depending on the specific situation, and this point of view is called eclectic. This term refers to the claim that no one perspective has all the answers to the variety of human thought and behavior. Psychologists tend to use various perspectives in their work depending on which point of view fits best with the explanation.

|Approach & Its Influential Period |Principle Contributors |Subject Matter |Basic Premise |
| |Carl Rogers-Person-centered therapy|Unique aspects of human |Belief that we choose
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Unconscious motives and experiences in |
| |person is fulfillment through the | |early childhood govern personality and mental |
| |process of individuation, | |disorders. |
| |achievement of harmony of conscious| | |
| |and unconscious, which makes a | | |
| |person one and whole | | |
| |Alfred Adler-"Individual | | |
| |Psychology," a term which is | | |
| |sometimes misunderstood. It refers | |

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