Interracial Relationship Essay

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Ethnicity and Race has always been somewhat categorized together, but are very different. Ethnicity can be classified as a cultural, language, laws etc. Race on the other hand, is very important when it comes to everyday life, career, and even getting a promotion on the job can be jeopardized. This situation saddens me to think that the only way I can move up the ladder is only by furthering my education to get a decent paying job. I am An African American woman, which can also hinder me in the workforce and even in the world. This can be two strikes against me as a woman. Even though, no one will ever admit to the reason why progression was not made.
This rule not only apply to the workforce, it is also applied to interracial relationship. People can look at you in a different way as well when it comes to dating outside of your race. If certain people do not approve of the color line, they can also prevent you from exceling due to their own beliefs. Although, I have not experienced dating outside of my race, I am definitely open to having an interracial relationship. This is still an issue in today society, but I feel that people should be able to date whomever they choose to be involved with at that time. I certainly believe that if you love someone that should be the reason you’ll are together. The idea that the
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This experience was very different for us as kids growing up because certain holidays we could not celebrate anymore, wardrobe was different for us, also, food changed as well. (i.e. no pork, grits, wheat bread only). Additional changes was that my Mom could not wear perfume, she had to switch to body oil. Our household went from being normal to abnormal in our eyes as children. We did not fully understand as kids what was going on in our home, in addition to not being able to comprehend the reality of what was happening in the

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