Difference Between Public Administration And Public Management

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1) Compare perspectives How one thinks about and acts within the system frames the way they approach everything regarding public administration, public management ethics, and priorities for decision-making. Someone thinking in terms of traditional management will see things differently than one in the new public management, who will see things differently than one from a political perspective, which is almost always different from someone thinking in a legal perspective. It takes a combination of all of these types of thinking to understand the mindset behind public administration.
If someone is thinking in the traditional management perspective, they are thinking in a very top-down manner. They are concerned about what power or governing
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The legal perspective cares much less about what is being done, and more about how it’s being done. Obviously, they care they agencies aren’t doing things that outright violate the law; however, it’s much more likely that an agency with good intentions and lawful authority may create a program or policy that, while potentially legal, is against the law due to it’s construction and implementation. The legal perspective is likely less fluid and responsive. It will involve more documentation and fallbacks. But the legal perspective is important, because it keeps the organizations out of the courtroom, and tax dollars away from unnecessary costs of …show more content…
They must not only make sure that the laws work and enhance the lives of the citizens, but also do so in a lawful and sensible way that enhances the confidence of the citizenry in their government there are multiple ways to help create accountability in public administration. At the most basic level, there is the election. There are also personnel policies, professional ethical standards, legislative oversight, legislative regulations, and criminal charges that contribute to accountability in public administration as

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