Difference Between Process Care Measures And Outcomes Essay

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The one way that Home Health Care can be compare to be utilized is by answering patient any questions that they may have and educating them in doing good choices. Improving ambulation, the transporting of a patient, managing pain the interfering with the patient daily activity and improving the status of patient wound care.
The differences in between process care measures and outcomes care measures are process care measures will show how often home health care agencies have given recommendation on any care and treatment and there has been good research in patient results and the outcome of any care measures has shown results for any care that has been given to a home health facility.
Managing patient daily activities on a daily basis will include, managing pain and treatment, wound care, preventing pressure sores and also by preventing any harm to patient data that is collected in the period on April 2014 through March 2015. This will prevent any unplanned hospital care when data is collected in the period of January 2014 through December 2014.
The information on the process on the outcomes measures in improvement is posted on Home Health Care and compare the outcomes on the assessment information that is set in (OASIS)which is data submitted by the home health facilities to the state and stored in the Quality Improvement Evaluation System database (QIES).

The data that is collected by a skilled home health care team is gathering the patient information when observing the…

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