Difference Between Pipelining And Super Scalar Processor

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Comparison of pipelining, super pipelining, super scalar processors

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Abstract— In these report I basically cover pipelining, super pipelining and super scalar processors and also compare how they differ from each other. A pipelining technique is a technique where the microprocessor begins executing a second instruction before the first instruction has been completed. Super pipeline is an alternative approach to achieve greater (faster) performance because many pipeline stages need half a clock cycle meaning that when it execute one instruction it already executing start second instruction and it execute half of the second instruction when first instruction is fully executed. Superscalar processors processing
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So basically pipelining technique does not wait until result for first instruction is obtained but starts to operate a new set of instruction. Super pipelining is basically same as pipelining and Like if a pipe is divided into two parts (sub) it develops twice the normal execution speed in ideal case. Super scalar processor is found in Pentium processors. After explaining all these I basically compare them in my report after covering all these and at last I come to know that execution time of super scalar is less as compared to other system like pipelining and super pipelining these is because in superscalar each stage can execute two instruction per clock …show more content…
Write: This stage is responsible for write back the calculation that we get in the execute stage.

Superscalar v/s super-pipeline
• Simple pipeline system performs only one pipeline stage per clock cycle
• Super-pipeline system is capable of performing two pipeline stages per clock cycle
• Superscalar performs only one pipeline stage per clock cycle in each parallel pipeline
• In super pipeline a sub-stage takes half clock cycle to finish the process.
• In super scalar each pipeline stage can execute two instruction.

Conclusion These paper contains pipelining, super pipelining and super scalar system basic information their advantages and disadvantages .in these paper comparison of different system is also given so based on these analysis the rank of their instruction execution is given as under.
1. Super scalar
2. Super pipelining
3. Pipelining Basically these ranks is given because of the reason that super scalar execute two instruction per clock cycle whereas super pipelining execute one and half instruction per clock cycle and pipelining execute one instruction per cycle.

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