Domestic Violence In The Family

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Parental Education Levels’ and Family/ Domestic Violence
Domestic violence is defined as the infliction of physical harm or injury on an intimate partner or family member. This form of violence is typically found in families where the aggression is geared between the parents. This form of violence not only affects the perpetrator and the victim, it affects those who witness and are exposed to the violent abuse as well. Violence that occurs in the family can cause detrimental effects to those witnessing the abuse, which in families are most likely children. Families that experienced family violence have been shown to experience increased incidences of substance abuse, eating disorders, adolescent violence, runaways, sexual aggression, early
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When children are exposed to violence within the family they begin to develop an acceptance of the aggression and are more likely to reenact the aggressive behavior witnessed (Kitzmann, Gaylord, Holt & Kenny, 2003). They are also more likely to perpetrate violence towards a dating partner and support dating violence (Kitzmann, Gaylord, Holt & Kenny, 2003). A U.S. nationally representative sample suggested that victims of child maltreatment are more likely to perpetrate future intimate partner violence (Fang & Corso, 2007). Children raised in homes where domestic violence is present are far more likely to replicate the cycle of violence in their own relationships (Sprinkle, 2007).
Parental Education Levels and Child Abuse In this section, the links between parental education levels and child abuse will be explored. In particular, the risks of child abuse, authoritarian and abusive parenting styles and the impacts on children will be discussed.
Risks of Child Abuse. Child abuse is more prevalent in families were violence is experienced. Violence tends to be associated with harsher parenting, which increases the probability the likeliness of abuse being inflicted towards the children (Barth, 2009). Violence that occurs in homes tends to be associated to substance abuse, but can often be associated
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Typically, IPV begins as adolescent dating violence and throughout the years escalates (Jain et al., 2010). Dating violence is a very prevalent form of relationship violence within adolescents and young adults. In the United States alone roughly one in ten high school students have experienced dating violence (East & Hokoda, 2015). This includes physical, verbal and psychological forms of dating abuse. One research study found that over 10 percent of their high school students reported victimization by physical dating violence within the past year. In just the 10th grade alone researchers found that over 24 percent of their students had experienced being victimized by verbal dating abuse (Morris, Mrug & Windle,

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