Essay Difference Between Open Ended And Close Ended

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Well, like the example on the video about tip, being the dependent variable, and the bill, being the independent variable. I think simple linear repression is an independent variable that is used to predict the value of a dependent variable. So I can find what the tip is from the independent variable, which is the bill.
2. I learned more about the difference between open-ended and close-ended questions. Open-ended is more like qualitative information, which sometimes it is helpful in order to gather non-limiting responses. It is more like conducting an interview rather than filling out a categorical survey. Close-ended questions allow more uniformity, which basically signifies that the respondent needs to select one of the answers that are provided to him/er. Although, close-ended questions do promise a more accurate and less biased research study, since often times researches has to “interpret the meaning of responses, opening the possibility of misunderstanding and researcher bias” (257).
I also learned valuable things when you are formulating questions, such as that respondents should not feel like they need to choose more than one answer, unless the instructions tell you so. In addition, have in mind that a question can have multiple parts and the order in which you organize them is also important because respondents tend to quickly judge how relevant can a survey be.
Furthermore, I thought it was interesting to learn that the spacing of the survey, or specifically…

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