Difference Between Online Learning And Classroom Learning

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Our society has been impacted greatly with technology advancement and this power wave of technology era has under its arms the education sector, which is the most critical sector of one’s life and academic career. When it comes to productivity and choices of preference, online learning and classroom learning are an issue of debate. Both methodologies, online learning and classroom learning are here to empower learners with knowledge and skills. As two sides of a coins, both the approaches have their own advantages and limitations. Looking at both the ways from different angles the points of discussion are first is the nature of both modalities, and second measure is training requirements and the third criteria is cost benefits.
Firstly, when
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In today’s fast paced environment, providing huge information in classroom on any given subject seems like a traditional idea as it has become much easier for the instructor to leverage the benefits of online learning by easily sending links containing details about the subjects, eBooks, providing manuals online and sending the emails with handbooks attached. To get a wider and clear understanding of the topic, audiobooks and videos have made this as the most preferable choice which can help. Online learning has made a steady learning experience for the learners. Online learning has made it easy for learners to get hold of the missed parts of subject, which might have resulted due to any kind of emergency while for classroom learning, missed parts are biggest drop points because learners have no point to recover the missed parts except books or written note from other classmates. Thus, online learning facilitates lucid information transfer as well as keeps it up to …show more content…
When replaced an instructor led training with online training the collectives save up to 60% of the cost involved. Eliminating the cost and time of travel and more targeted training online classroom has taken over classroom learning. In case of a classroom learning there is a mandatory presence required for the instructor while contradicting for online learning the data can be collected and prepared once and used multiple times depending on the requirements of the course. For instance, it is now very easy to develop eLearning subjects in flick of time with all the available guidance and tools in the market. As a matter of fact a survey describes that video tutorials are an easy way, even psychologically a better way to grasp things faster. Moreover, keeping the database up to date with the latest invention in the field is way easier for online learning as it is for classroom learning to change the books and format again and again with the updating course.
To sum up, as discussed earlier that there are some limitations and disadvantages to both the approaches of learning. It still depends on an individual which works out best for them, depending upon the nature of both the modalities, training requirements and cost benefits. Style of particular student’s learning capabilities plays a big role in each format’s success. Self-directed, self-driven

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