Difference Between Natural Science And Human Science

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Theory Application: The difference between Natural Science and Human Science
As witnessed in various academic fields and branches, theories can either precede a fact or a fact can precede a theory. The difference, however, is in the type of analysis being, the mode of examination, and what is already known in the natural world. Based on this, theories should precede facts because they are needed to make sense of facts as they are universally applicable, but this is only the case in natural sciences and not in human sciences where the problem of induction persists. This paper argues about the differences in theory and fact application as regards natural science and human science.
First Argument
Natural science is a discipline of science that investigates the physical worlds. It involves application of empirical studies to established facts as done in physics and chemistry (Callaway 266). Natural science applies deductive thinking, which is “the process of using general rule to make a prediction
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But while facts give theorists guidance in their theory formulation, the goal is always to create a theory that is applicable in a general way and not just applicable to specific facts. This means that researchers can follow the scientific procedure in their analysis an discover or observe other things that can be used can be applied in other situations. This leads to extensive discovery of knowledge and problem solving in the scientific field. A good instance in this case is the discovery of penicillin by mistake. Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered a chemical that kills bacteria (Hessenbruch 259). As he followed the scientific methods to engage in his analysis, he realized the specific chemical that can be used to kill the bacteria and the specific mechanism that is always applicable to this chemical and not just to the specific situation where it was accidentally

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