Nationalism And Cultural Development

Nationalism and Cultural Development
History that written in the book, is pieces of writing that record the change of human society and cultural over time. Throughout history, we see many changes and turning points that greatly impact the society we have right now. From the early time period Rise of Rome to the American and French Revolution; the world had constantly shaping its boundaries. Society and humanities had constantly changing.The change in history are not seem as accidents. One of the main cause that plays in the role of in the “change” in history, was nationalism. The competition between different cultural lead to the development in the cultural on its own, therefore it lead to nation developments and social unifications.
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“Nationalism is a form of politics….Before trying to go behind nationalism to some cultural, social, economic or psychological basis which it is claimed is what nationalism is”(Breuilly 36). When we mention politics, we often mention power. The hidden message in the quote which implies that Nationalism which is a form of political movement that would unite cultural identities; will gain power to a political party or specific leader, and therefore uprise and unify under political reasons. Also considering that revolutions like Indian revolution and haitian revolution; where uprise of a lower class against a greater power nation, by defending it’s common culture and territorian. This explain that Nationalism was the reason why imperialism fails to maintain its domination over time at the first place.In addition, Nationalism is closely related to politic regarding to the book “Nationalism And The State”. Nationalism lead to nation reform, and preserve of a culture common tradition. Without Nationalism, people will not prioritize its culture, and therefore common identities within a nation will easily outflow and replace by new …show more content…
American for example were all immigrants living in different states and have varieties of cultures, how did they found himself with such identities and even culture? America were once 13 colonies and was hard to believe that someone brought up with all men are equal, which is a national slogan that united these small colonies into a bigger nation. Nationalism however was use as political reform. It lead to a later success independence from England. Nationalism did not allow bigger domination power. Some might argue that American have no culture and religions, however this is not true. Religion tolerances and cultural different later became the cultural symbol in America. Culture development will not be possible in America without the independence from the England in the first place, and Nationalism is the reason civilians were united. In addition to the American colonies unification, the book also explain that with only a few similarity in the past, political reason will bring its culture and groups together. Once again, Nationalism proven was not simply caused by common cultural identities, but rather by political ideas that influences people to struggle toward same goal. (Anthony H.Birch

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