Difference Between Morality And Ethical Dilemmas Of Boys And Girls

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Morality and Ethical views.
Morality and ethical views are diverse in nature. There is no specific or direct approach that is considered to as the correct one. This is simply because people have different values that they believe in and therefore, influences their perspective as far as morality and ethics is concerned. This also applies to children, morality and ethical views differ from one child to another in relation to the age group they are in at the moment. However, there is also difference in morality and ethical views of boys and girls when approaching moral dilemmas and ethical issues. This essay is aimed at a comprehensive analysis of the difference in the moral and ethical approach to dilemmas gender and children age group put into consideration. This analysis will look at a case study of two
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Boys and girls are taught different values from a tender age which in most cases, influences their moral and ethical views. Boys are taught and learn to perceive morality through law and justice while girls develop morally through caring and therefore it is expected for them to behave in a certain kind of way in relation to their approach to ethical views. From the case study, it is quite evident that this kind of reasoning is true. When both Jake and Amy were presented with the dilemma, they had totally different perception of the moral dilemma. Jake thinks of a conflict between life and property that can only be sorted through justice while Amy thinks of a broken human relationship that can only be mended through reconstructing the relationship back. Looking at these approaches critically, it is true to infer that neither of the approached is superior to the other. As a matter of fact, the two approaches are complimentary and should actually work hand in hand to make good of the bad situation. (Gilligan,

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