Essay on Difference Between Material And Non Material Culture

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In this paper I will examine the difference between material and non-material culture in my world, identifying ten objects that are part of my regular cultural experience. For each object, I will then identify what aspects of non-material culture (values and beliefs) these objects represent. Finally, I will reveal what this exercise has revealed to you me about my culture.
There are clear differences between material and non-material culture, according to Little et. Al (2014); material culture exists as objects and items that belong to me, whereas nonmaterial culture is not physical, it is certain beliefs, values and ideas that shape us, and make our societies unique from one another. From my experience, I would say that a society’s material culture could be changed much easier than non-material culture, mainly because it is a passed on behavior and something that is socially learned, whereas objects are just things that can be thrown away or given to someone else. Our values, beliefs and ideas, etc. vary depending on the culture we belong to, and are essentially the products of our non-material cultural elements.
I have come up with ten objects that are part of my regular cultural experience; for each object, I will identify any aspects of non-material culture that they represent to me:
1. Car; Bose, M., Horrigan, P., Doble, C., & Shipp, S. (2014) described cars as being an element of material culture, yet they can also be seen as a form of capitalism. Having a…

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