Difference Between Leadership Theory And Style

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Leadership Theory and Style
Corporate leadership style is the habit of the leadership shown by the various features. Habituation of leadership in the long-term personal experience and leadership practice gradually formed, and consciously or unconsciously play a role in stabilizing the leadership practice, with a strong personality colour. Every leader has its leaders and other distinguished style and work environment, experience and personality linked. Theoretical and practical significance of research leadership style is that it can better reflect the realities of leadership activities, explain the difference between leadership effectiveness. (Baidu, 2016) The Fonterra used the Participative and situational Leadership theories and styles.
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On the one hand, the leader to analyse the different elements of the health situation, take different leadership behaviours, to motivate subordinates to achieve effective management. (Baidu, 2016) For example, Fonterra leaders will analyse the current business situation, when the concern found the problem product, the company taken at the latest 72 hours recovery system, which allows employees be promoted in terms of execution. In a co-operative organization groups among the tasks assigned to command the way is not necessarily effective, consistent leader should focus on communication and negotiation subordinates in order to maintain a good working atmosphere. (Baidu, 2016)On the other hand, Fonterra in terms of improving organizational performance depends not only on the efforts of the party leader, but also build a smooth leadership environment, for example, Fonterra communicate with the farmer stakeholder and make the decision making process …show more content…
Lewin 's three-step process is seen as an organizational change in the equilibrium state to break, which is Unfreezing. Once Unfreezing completed, you can change the implementation itself, but only the introduction of change does not ensure its lasting, new state need to be refreezing. So as to enable it to maintain a considerable period of time. (Zi, 2008) Below is the 3 steps change model applied in the Fonterra Co-operative Group case study.
Unfreezing Review
Fonterra through operational checks and recall inspection, help leader find the problem and the reason for that problem. In the area of food safety, Fonterra has a high-quality safety inspection system, through this system to make a response for customer food safety issue. Through the company 's review for production process, the Fonterra can even faster find problems in food safety, so that the company can give more attention on company 's food safety issues. (Fonterra, 2013)

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