Difference Between Juvenile And Adult Justice System

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Register to read the introduction… “ In the U.S. Juveniles are treated differently from adults. However, this has not always been the case. In earlier times, children were thrown into jails with adults. Long sentences were common and some children were sentenced to death for their crimes. Reformers concerned about the harsh treatment of children urged the establishment of a separate court system for juveniles. The idea was that juveniles should be helped rather then punished; the court would act as a parent or guardian interested in protecting and helping the child. In 1899, Cook County, Illinois, set up the country’s first juvenile court. Today every state has a separate court system for juveniles.” (www.yale.edu)

This change was a good thing with the attempt to change behavior when they are still in a learning process. Also, it gives the system a chance to look into the parental situation, which could be part of the problem. However, if the crimes are really violent, they should be tried as adults.

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