Difference Between Just And Unjust Law

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The political system is key to the creation of authoritative stability via government and politics. Laws are created in order to maintain a relatively peaceful, and productive society. Furthermore, they are also created to instill justice in society. Justice is defined as the lawfulness and fairness that affects everyone, however, there is a clear distinction between just and unjust laws. Regardless of this, people still possess different interpretations of what is just and unjust, thus not everyone can be satisfied with the laws. Nonetheless, creating just laws is the primary objective of the state, because this ensures that the rules of society are mandated ethically with regards to citizen rights. On the contrary, unjust laws wrongfully harms citizen rights and contradict the purpose of laws to benefit and protect citizens’. …show more content…
Similarly, this course of action would be no different than to be devoted to an unethical cause that mostly harms everyone. Each citizen has the right to take the fairness of the law into perspective, and determine whether they should petition, file a complaint, or relocate elsewhere. With this in mind, citizens’ ultimately decide whether or not they will be subject to just or unjust laws. In other words, this is a matter of choosing the right decision in consideration of one 's own interpretation of just and unjust laws. As a result, every citizen has an obligation to obey whatsoever they determine to be a just state, which carries out its intended purpose of uplifting

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