Difference Between Japanese And Japanese Culture Essay

1507 Words Jul 21st, 2016 null Page
Comparing two cultures there will always be obvious differences, this couldn’t be any more true when you compeer the United States of America to Japan. On one end of the spectrum you have Japan that has thousands of years of history and deep sense of tradition. Then you have America when put into comparison to Japan. When it comes to age is like a child and American culture is consistently changing and being influenced. I am not saying that Japanese culture has not changed over the years, but America is a melting pot, meaning that is influenced by hundreds of different ideas and beliefs making these two countries almost like night and day. One big example about the difference of American and Japanese culture is our views of the individuals in the whole of society. We Americans have the idea that we succeed on our own works as individuals and what we have accomplished along the way. The Japanese are more on the line of thinking that it is better to work as a community and to have strong relationships between each other and how others view them. That’s not saying that being an individual in Japan is bad nor that Americans don’t value how others perceive them, or working with others in a group to accomplish something. The people of Japan have a deeply rooted sense honor and duty called “giri”. This means they have obligations to oneself and to others, this way of thinking goes all the way back to before Feudal Japan this idea lines up with the religious beliefs of Buddhism and…

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