What Are External Factors That Affect Personal Identity?

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People’s own ways, whether internal such as self experiences, and what they then believe in can be said to be more than just materialistically driven; it can be formed, transformed, and shown by a number of factors, whether internal or external. Internal could be such as love you feel towards a person and what type of relationship you have with them and what makes you that way.

Although one may feel that one’s own materialistic objects may affect a person’s way of feeling and can display their stance in their economy and more so society as but, there’s many other internal factors such as one’s religion, parenting, personal morals, and even interactions with one another all are more determining of a person’s identity and self sense. For example Jean-Paul Sartre proposes that ownership extends beyond objects to include tangible and intangible things. One prime personal example could be my religion. I identify as a Roman Catholic, and that makes me who I am. Materialistic things beyond that does nothing to affect who i am. As long as i serve to God the way that i wish to i will define myself and nothing more. Certain
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Although you may or may not have something physical that defines who you truly are, many other things that we cannot hold can define us, such as love for someone. You can’t necessarily can’t see what love is by just a glimpse at a two people. Everyone has a different way of expressing their love and enthusiasm for many other people. Many might show this by rewarding their lovers by buying them expensive gifts that might just leave them in them in the streets. Others will firmly express their love by daily reminders of how much you truly love that person, even little things like a small message for them throughout the day. Many human beings even show their love for someone by making love and bringing in a beautiful baby into the world and both caring for

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