Personality And Intelligence

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Critically evaluate the extent to which personality and intelligence are independent individual differences constructs.

Intelligence and personality have both been great reasons for research in the individual differences studies of psychology. They form a very big part of psychological and personal differences and variations between individuals, are an important part of our everyday life and are complicated issues that are hard to examine and define. Numerous theories, opinions and researches have been conducted in order to define both intelligence and personality, their core as well as the various parts that consist them. Classic debates, such as the nature vs nurture, and less classic ones, such as schemas, have been applied
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Intelligence is usually measured by ability tests, in constrast to personality, which is often just assessed using questionnaires. In addition, and as a result, these different measurements often lead to other distinction of these two elements, and as a result, intelligence is considered to show an individuals’ maximal performance, whereas personality is believed to underline their overall behaviour. However, some researchers argue that various and different methods can also be applied into assessing both personality and intelligence, such as self-rating questionnaires used to measure a person's mental inability. Often, however, such methods are avoided because they are seen as lacking accuracy and validity, which is usually the case when a person tries to assess …show more content…
personality traits. Individuals with high levels of openness prefer the experience of learning, enjoy an intellectually stimulating environment and are interested in interactions that will have a brain-enhancing result. As a result, openness shows an association with intelligence as a crystallized notion that is moderate, but a non-significant and low association with intelligence as a fluid concept. These results are consistent in numerous and various studies, and some psychologists have recently suggested that previous ways and measures used to calculate openness actually assessed two distinctive aspects. The first of these is intellect, something that reflects intellectual engagement and intelligence, and is outlined by ideas and numerical abilities, while the second one is emotion, which reflects the artistic side related to being engaged in sensation, and perception and is marked by imagination, fantasy, and feelings. On these grounds, intellect and intelligence were found to be connected to the neural system of memory (and more specifically, the working memory, which is related to g) although openness was not. Intelligence therefore, was shown as having a connection with intellect, and personality with emotion. IQ and EQ, two sides that are connected and separated at the same time, one measuring intellect and the other measuring emotion. On this instance, therefore,

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