Difference Between Initech And Theory X

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Register to read the introduction… In this theory, managers see their workers as passive and lazy, have little ambition, prefer to be led, and resist change. In McGregor’s Theory Y, on the other hand, the essential task of management is to arrange conditions so that people can achieve their own goals best by directing efforts towards organizational rewards. Theory X relates to the typical approach to management, while Theory Y relates to the human relations approach and is, therefore, more desirable in the workplace. Lumbergh designates Friday as “Hawaiian Shirt Day,” allowing the workers to wear Hawaiian shirts and jeans in place of their typical business attire. He also holds a birthday party in the office (for himself of course) and lets all the workers take a break to have some cake, although there are not enough pieces for everyone. Lumbergh and the other higher-ups act concerned for the employees and feign cheerful expressions, but one can easily see through this charade. Lumbergh’s motivation behind these actions is pathetic and completely insincere.
Furthermore, Initech does not operate in an ethical manner. Rather than engaging in dialogic
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Office Space does not portray any of these methods, which indicates that Initech is not a good company. It is certainly not the type of company that I would want to work for. The employees are so dissatisfied that they must resort to extreme measures such as stealing money or burning down the company building. Honestly, I cannot say that I blame any of them. Office Space is a great vehicle for examining organizational techniques that ultimately lead to the disintegration of the organization. Office Space may exaggerate the conditions of a classical organization, but the message is still very

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