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Romance Indian vs American Societies

Marriage is a very important part of the social fabric. It is an affair that is recognized among vase majority of cultures around the world. However, the marriage even though is a universal phenomena it’s different in every culture with it’s positives and negatives. The process of getting marry is also not common in all cultures as well these guidelines are in many cultures are bond by social pressures. Two good examples that I can think of are
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Since the social and family life is not as close as it is in India for this reason when a couple go thru tough times in their marriage it is view by others as one’s personal matter and no interference brings their marriage to an end.

The marriage can not be a success without romance in it. Romance in a relationship is also different in both indian and American societies in U.S culture romance takes place before marriage dating, going out and in some cases having a physical relationship is normal. I personally know some people in the U.S who have 1 or 2 babies before they decide to get marry. In India this is not the case the meetings of the husband and wife going to be are supervised in a strict environment and are not allowed to have any physical relationship before marriage so in these cases romance takes places after the
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This was the data I found on the divorce rate in America and India which is reported by the book of CIA.

In India, the rates of divorce are the lowest in comparison to other countries of the world. For every 1,000 marriages that take place in India, there are 11 marriages that fail or end up in a legal separation. This means 1 out of every 100 marriage ends up in a divorce in India. These rates were much lower in 1990. In 1990, there were only 7.40 marriages which failed per 1,000 marriages. Even in case of villages, the divorce rates are extremely low when compared to the urban regions. In urban areas, the rates of divorce are getting higher and higher with time.

US - 50%
India -

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