Difference Between Home And Living At Home

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Register to read the introduction… A student looking at a dormitory will first find that rooms are generally shared with another person. Living in a dorm means that students have to live with the strangers. Even though everybody has their own bed, locker, and table; they still can bother each other when they live in a same room. Sharing a limited room with strangers can be very challenging. In addition, living in a dorm definitely means lack of privacy and control because of dorm’s rule. Playing computer games and chatting with friends can make a lot of noise. Students cannot concentrate on studying while somebody is talking on the phone with their friends. However, they will have your own room and your own schedule if they live at home. Although students will have to live with their families under the same roof, it is better than living with strangers. When they live at home, there will be more personal space for you to focus on studying. Students have to suffer stresses of the living environment. Every day, they have to worry about having the opportunity to study because they will not know when it will be quiet. Using a same kitchen, bathroom can cause many health problems. If one person gets a cold, it’s all over the building. They must remember to wash their hand after being around the bathroom because sickness and germs are everywhere in the dormitory. In addition, dorm in college or university never put healthy food in the vending machines on campus. Students do not need to ask themselves like “what am I going eat today?” Because healthy meals made by their own mom are waiting for them to …show more content…
Therefore, students have to be careful when they decide whether to live on or off campus. College and university are not only a place for teaching students the knowledge, it also helps them to experience and prepare for their future life. College is a life altering experience. Students need to think carefully what is important to them before making a decision. Thus, students need to remember that, life is not unfair at times. Therefore, do not feel stress or depressed when you have troubles or bad

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