Reflective Essay: The Perception Of Children And Childbirth

It can be a matter of seconds to change a perception that an individual has long held constant. I am an opinionated person since the beginning and I need real examples which involve my presence to shift a perception from something to the complete opposite. This essay will narrate my usual perception about having children and childbirth-the way I used to think before and how that perception has changed since time.

I am approaching the age when everybody around me is beginning to get engaged, married or has children. My older cousins and family members are all in the process of tying the knot soon and at times it is rather boring and uninteresting to hear them about their experiences. I usually never took an interest in children as I rather
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First, she and her husband could not get pregnant after two years of marriage, something they had been trying since they got together as both of them are very fond of children. Finally we heard the good news that she was expecting and thing seemed to improve around her for her mental peace as she was on her way to be a mother, something she really wanted. I could never understand the fuss about it. My perception about children was that one especially the mother has to sacrifice a lot for her child which includes killing her dreams, for the time being if not forever. Pregnancy itself is a very hard process. For nine whole months one goes through the thick and thin of physical health and discomfort and childbirth is a very painful process. Due to the nature of these processes, I never was interested in children which included even playing with …show more content…
I believe now that the process is worth having a shot at, as children can fill up an individual’s life in ways that they or nobody can understand until they have one. The importance and value of a woman can never be diminished who goes through such pain in order to bear another human being. Childbirth may sound like something which is very common and something almost every woman goes through but it is indeed a life changing experience for the woman and her man herself and her close ones who are perceptive enough to understand its

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