Difference Between Groups and Teams Essay

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Groups and teams are two different things that most people usually do not take the time to differentiate. They are, however, two very different things. According to the University of Phoenix’s Learning Team Toolkit (as cited in Stewart, G., Manz, C., & Sims, H., 1999) groups are “two or more people who interact in some way” and teams are “groups with shared commitments and goals.” The Learning Team Toolkit (as cited in Stewart, G., Manz, C., & Sims, H. 1999) goes on to say that these two definitions suggest that teams are more than groups. Teams are groups that have a purpose or that come together to accomplish some goal or purpose.
Groups may come together for any number of reasons. Groups can be local citizens who
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Robbins (2009) explains work groups as a collection of individuals who come together for no purpose other than to share information, and work teams as groups who produce positive synergy through coordinated effort. Because of the positive synergy a team produces, they can produce more outputs than just a collection of each individual’s outputs (Robbins, 2009). The idea of teams producing more outputs than each individual member could produce collectively obviously is enticing to organizations. Organizations try to utilize work teams to maximize the efficiency of the company. By utilizing their diverse populations, organizations can benefit from the many different backgrounds of their employees. By acquiring diverse workforces and utilizing their strengths, companies can gain a competitive advantage. Since it is so difficult for companies to gain the competitive advantage, they take every opportunity available to seize any edge over the competition. Organizations have been increasing becoming aware of how valuable diversity is in the workplace. The more diverse the workforce is, the more customers they can reach. Companies all over can benefit from utilizing their diverse workforces by implementing work teams. Work teams can accomplish more than individuals can on their own. Work teams can also accomplish more than work groups, who collaborate only to share information or

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