Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome Essay

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Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome is the most used web browser of all time. Google Chrome is a popular web browser that can be downloaded from the internet. People from all over the world use it as their default web browser. There are reasons for why Google Chrome is a good browser, but does it stand up against other web browsers? Google Chrome is a better web browser than Microsoft Edge because chrome has its own web store, chrome receives updates more frequently and faster, and chrome has its own built-in ad blocker.
First, Chrome is better than Edge because it has its own web store. The writer said, “Chrome's web store is full of little digital gadgets to help make your web browsing simpler, more productive, and more enjoyable”(Priday
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This is because from the article, “Edge Browser Goes Easy on Batteries in Windows 10 Creators Update”, the author stated, “Microsoft Edge on the Creators Update uses 31 percent less power than Google Chrome 57, and 44 percent less power than Mozilla Firefox 52, as measured by our open-source efficiency test that simulates real-world browsing”(Pflug 1). The author who wrote the article said that he did multiple tests on how long the battery lasted for Chrome and Edge. To do this, he made a livestream and ran the test multiple times. The results he got were that Edge had more battery life left over than Chrome. Which means, Edge takes up less battery life than Google Chrome. Microsoft Edge is a faster browser than Google Chrome if no extensions are installed. Google Chrome is faster than Microsoft Edge by default, but that can change. Edge can be a little faster if Edge has no extensions installed onto the browser. Which is the main reason why browsers are slow, its from all of the extensions or plugins downloaded onto the browser. If the Chrome browser has a lot of extensions installed, then Edge will be a faster browser. Microsoft Edge on the mobile version has a “Continue on PC” option. Which means the user can transform the website they’re on, straight to their computer. This can save a lot of time if the user isn’t near the computer but needs to use the website for a project. This also saves the time of trying to find the same exact website on the computer because it will already be there. Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are very good browsers to use. But in the end, it’s decision based. It doesn’t matter which browser to use, they’re both similar and both search on the web. Even though chrome can be fast, it can slow down from extensions, making Edge

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