Essay on Difference Between Goods And Services

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The position of an organisation internationally relies on the product and service they provide and how they approach their marketing mix. So in hindsight, organisations look to standardise or execute their products and services on a local scale and potentially adapt or expand into an international market. In this essay the key factors of standardisation and adaptation will be explained, followed by examples and reasons to explore whether there is a difference between goods and services in terms of standardisation and adaptation in international marketing.
Firstly, to understand standardisation and adaptation organisations use these concepts to market their products or services the same or in an international market use the same product but change it different ways (Keegan & Green, 2015 p. 31). Standardisation and adaptation also assist organisations to plan their marketing mix to suit the needs and wants of their customers. To further explain standardisation and adaptation Dimitrova and Rosenbloom (2010, p. 158-160) explain, the five factors that organisations encourage before marketing their products or services are: industry conditions, economic and technological developments, government restrictions and national differences. These five factors influence why organisations would even consider beginning their business on an international level; nonetheless, leads to the adaptation of a company marketing their products or services through local, international, multinational…

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