Difference Between Good Management And Poor Management Essay

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The difference between good management and poor management can make or break a company. Organizations are dependent upon the effectiveness of their managerial staff, which is tasked with an abundance of functions in order to achieve the company’s goals. In order to effectively plan, organize, control, and lead their employees, managers must excel at the three categories of management skills: technical skills, which encompass a manager’s ability to utilize specific, learned knowledge and abilities; human skills, which focus on a manager’s ability to work on an interpersonal level; and conceptual skills, which consist of analyzing and critical thinking. Although all three categories are closely tied to the success of a manager, human skills are especially important as they are relevant for all levels of management. Furthermore, companies are relying increasingly more upon teamwork, empowerment, and other relationships among employees and managers as the workplace becomes more collaborative. Proficient human skills, which focus predominately on social interpersonal communication, are key to creating positive work environments, which in turn increase a company’s productivity, and hopefully, profitability.

Effective human skills are vital to an organization’s success both within the company itself and for interactions with others outside the company. The ability to work well with other people creates a more cohesive and positive work environment, which can result in…

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