Difference Between Formality And Style

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Formality and style
Firstly, a therapist may talk to their colleagues in different ways. Depending if they get along with the person. If they do not think of one of the colleagues as a friend they may address them formally. However, other colleagues may not be comfortable with this kind of formality and may prefer a warmer, friendlier style.
Furthermore, a special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher or support assistant may talk to their colleagues in a formal way. This is because usually these practitioners are generally used to it and may prefer to be addressed this way. For instance, they may prefer to be called ‘Mrs Williams’ instead of ‘Helen’. They may feel that they are valued this way.
The school receptionist
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This is because due to Karim having short-term-memory. A typical working memory could hold between 5 to 30 seconds. Although, they are not old. Previously stated due to Karim’s below average intelligence. This would mean it would be tougher for him to understand and therefore a dinner supervisor would use basic terminology.
The special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher, support assistant or therapist may use funniness to help Karim. In meetings or training sessions, humour can help to keep people alert and interested. For instance, if Karim is stressed about his schoolwork. Using humour could make him stress-free and all the following practitioners I have mentioned would use this.
Furthermore, a dinner supervisor may use humour with a child who is lonely because the child may not want to be others. Although, the dinner supervisor may think it would keep the child happy. This can affect the way the child thinks. This is because this can be a serious situation and this can make the child think of the dinner supervisor as
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Especially, if the child is upset how their parent are late to pick him up from school. Whilst, the school receptionist jokes around with the child that their parent will not pick them up. This can be a serious situation and make the circumstance worse.
Formality of style
Meanwhile, a special education needs assistant, special educational needs teacher, support assistant or therapist may use a formal communication style. This is because due to the children having learning difficulties they would not know how to speak with someone when they are older. However, if the following practitioners talk to the children formal. This will help the children to talk fluently and help them in the near future. For instance, due to difficulty employers reject applications. Therefore, if the children try to speak fluent when they are younger. This can benefit them from being employed.
Also, a school receptionist may use formal communication when talking to my client Karim. This is because then my client Karim would try to learn to speak formal so he could understand. For example, if Karim does not understand he may ask the school receptionist he did not understand. Therefore, this will help Karim to be

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