Difference Between Feminism And Conflict Theory

Register to read the introduction… While the Conflict Theory deals with all of society, economically based, and is uniformity with power, the Feminist Perspective deals only with women, their classlessness, rights, and their social rolls. Conflict Theory does not comprise an inclusion of violence whereas the feminist movement encompasses how women have been abused domestically.
3. Define the term scientific method and the five basic steps used in the scientific method. Scientific method is the process of research where a problem is recognized, pertinent information is gathered, and a hypothesis is formulated. This methodology is comprised of trial and error as well as cause effect. The latter of the Scientific Method is a result of experience and/or observation.
i. Defining the problem. What is the question or problem you need to solve? Who, what, where, when, which, why or how? ii. Review the literature. Research can be conducted by the use of external sources, i.e. Internet, books, interviews, pictures, focus groups, and historical accounts just to name a
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Fundamental principles are used while conducting any type of research; these are referred to as the “Code of Ethics”. This code was formed and pieced together in 1971. This code was assembled in order to protect the person or subject who is part of any research from any harm. The code upholds that any information gathered from the person or subject would be kept confidential. Consent from the person or subject for information gathered would be compulsory as well as acknowledgment of all of the researchers that had helped in the study and recognition of those giving economic support to the research. Nevertheless this can also lead to public disagreements, and long debates as a result of conflicting opinions. The researcher must be impartial toward his or her research so as the results are not tainted and not …show more content…
If there is an industry that may be the most dubious of Social Research and the inclusion of Ethics, it would have to be the tobacco industry. The studies conducted by the tobaccos industry in the past have proven to be false – Hearing on the Regulation of Tobacco Products House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health and the Environment (1994) is when seven CEO’s within the tobacco industry claimed that nicotine was non-addictive. Clearly this is an industry that time and time again has proven that the “Code of Ethics” does have the ability to be desecrated. Though a major industry, their research has provoked the public to doubt that nicotine is addictive thus shifting the public to think differently towards tobacco products which are indeed harmful to their

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