Essay Difference Between Eastern and Western Architecture

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The process of writing this thesis brings a great pleasure to me. It really broadens my mind and enlarges my vision. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the School of Foreign Languages of Hainan University to give me such a good chance to know more about “Situational Context and Text Coherence” and many linguists who have made great effort on those themes related to my topic, so that I can show some of my humble views. I would especially like to give my heartiest thanks to Mrs B, my supervisor, who devotes herself to enlightening me on the specific patterns and styles; I am really obsessed with her brilliant guidance and earnest attitudes towards those which are taken charge of by her. Without her
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It is more emphasis on building the plane between the organic whole arrangement . This reflects the ancient Chinese form of social structure , within characteristics , patriarchalideology and ehics system .
2.2 Western architecture is open and the spatial pattern of the monomer
Western architecture is uaually around one orseveral members of the public nature of public activity center for the development of the layout of the church , street or free twists and turns , or for the development of the radial freedom , not the general shape of the city outside the rules . This is very early Westerners ofen through interaction between the sea and the implementation of democracy within the society concerned . Greek export-oriented character and impact of scientific and democratic spirit is not only ancient Rome , and also affected the entire Western world .
3. The development of different construction
Middle traditional architecture is conservative . According to literature we know that medieval architectural forms and materials used in 3000 remain unchanged . Unlike China , Western architecture ofen change , the evolution of its structure and material was more intense .
Powerful fedual China ,

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