Difference Between Eastern And Western Education

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Wester versus Eastern Education Education of youth, specifically between Eastern and Western cultures, requires focus on matters such as values, discipline, and education. Western and Eastern education have their own individual values which may affect the students education. Western culture values emphasizes on being sociable and establishing networks. Children of American culture are taught at a young age to socialize well with other children. Western parents encourages out of school activities such as a play date, sleep overs, parties and celebration in hopes of their children bonding with other students. Extracurricular activities that involve group communication such as sports, clubs, and day care centers are encouraged by parents as …show more content…
School hours in the East is twice as long as i nthe West. Schools in the East are extremely long, consisting of full school days from Monday through Saturday with Sunday being half day. A normal school day in China is roughly 14 hours a day. Students are given a large quantity of homework after they leave their school, even though the students spent a long period on campus. School hours in the East is twice as long as in the West. Because of the extra school hours, students are required to learn twice as much as students in the West would in a day. School in American culture is about seven hours long a day from Monday through Friday with breaks and lunch break in between periods. Many students in American often go home without homework, leaving them much leisure time. Difference between American and Chinese education is that children in the West have much leisure time for hobbys, while in the East the children are constantly learning 90 percent of the week leaving no available time for hobbies. American students with leisure time do not spend it wisely by studying or anything productive towards their academics, but would rather watch television, play video games, browse the internet, or gather together with their friends.With higher intervals in between classes in america and shorter school hours than china, learning time is much shorter in

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