Racial Discrimination And Ageism Essay

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In America, racial discrimination and ageism are becoming big topics due to the ever ageing baby boomer generation and diversity. Society visually discriminates both groups based on their stereotype and race, using stereotypical and racist discrimination interchangeably and misinterpreting the difference between the two. The characterization of stereotypes is brought by the idea that an individual behaves or acts a certain way; not to be confused with discrimination, discrimination is the treatment of a group of people based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, etc. People of minority status have had a tough time with visual processing, especially when it comes to black individuals being categorized as a thug. Discrimination does not only …show more content…
Stereotypes between racism and ageism are characterized differently since one is based on ethnicity and the other on age; including everyone no matter their race. When it comes to racial stereotypes people are discriminated based on how they should react. African- Americans are stereotyped as lazy, or in lack better words on government assistance programs due to the media’s coverage of that groups. Society becomes more accustom with seeing poor black in the media and assumes the stereotype that all African Americans are unproductive due to how they are visually portrait. Racial visual stereotypes are seen as a natural accuracy due to the media’s portrait. In American Born Chinese, the main character is characterized based on how people of Asian background are stereotyped in society, young Jin Wang is stereotyped as a traditional native Chinese due to his ethnicity. As Jin Wang is presented to the class, the teacher characterizes him as a Chinese-born rather than American and his new classmates stereotyped him as a dog eater . Just like Wang, people get stereotyped based on what people without further knowledge are judge someone. When individuals get older they are stereotyped in a whole different way, not only based on their racial stereotype but also their …show more content…
Human society tends to act negatively towards change, an instance would be racial discrimination to minorities like African-American, LGBT, Asian and Latinos and the female sex. To understand why people visually discriminate others, one must look back in time and see what our ancestors did that has impacted this century to be visually discriminating. Humans are the race who have fought bloody wars due to different beliefs and cultures. No matter where people look in history, visual processing is the trait that sets us apart from each other. Religion is one of the common causes of visual processing since humanity must live following religious rules and those that do not follow “the word of god” is evil in disguise. Religion tells people that same sex is wrong, colored individuals are not to be trusted and those that believe in more than one god are below those that follow the true religion. The reason why humanity uses visual processing is because that is what is taught since the beginning of humanity. Even if there are similarities that unite society, people would see their characterization as better than the other, vice versa. It is argued that visual processing of subtle racism has to do mare with “political conservatism” than anything else . This type of conservatism explain how people are so negative towards change, and end up discriminating those that look

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