Difference Between Death And Life After Death

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The most interesting thing about religions is how the people who subscribe to a certain sect think that their belief are unique and are the best in comparison to others (Van Voorst 15). Many people affiliating to a particular religion believe that their religion is the only true one and either do not clearly mention the fate of the people subscribing to other religions or they just assume that they are headed in the wrong direction (Knott 60). However, a closer examination of the major religions clearly depicts a lot of similarities in their doctrines about life and life after death. Most of the religions believe in a life after death influenced by the actions of an individual while alive.
The birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the basis of life after death in Christianity. Christians believe that man is born with original sin emanating from their biblical parents Adam and Eve. Due to this fact, Christians believe that man is born mortal achieves immortality only by the grace of God (Burris &Kehaan 30). The death and resurrection of Christ were meant to offer human beings the gift of salvation. Human beings have the freedom of the will and hence they must embrace the gift of salvation or reject it. However, there are disputes among the Christians about the
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Christianity originates from the ‘apocalyptic Judaism’ who were Jews believing in judgment day whereby the kingdom God would come to raise the righteous from the dead. The earliest view of resurrection involved the literal bodily resurrection (Barnes 80). However, as Christianity spread among the gentiles, a syncretized view of life after death started to emerge. A culture highly influenced the original view of resurrection was Greek. The Greeks had a dualistic approach to the life after death in a dual way whereby the spirit was independent from the physical body (D’costa

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