Cross Fit Vs Body Building

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Cross Fit Vs Body Building When people bring new ideas to the world society tends to either love it or hate it. Cross fit is a new idea that has become extremely popular over the last 10 years and has promoted the fitness industry tremendously. However many bodybuilders dislike cross fitters, there are some who have made the transition from bodybuilding to cross fit. Both being similar in many ways with the ultimate goal of maintaining a healthy lifestyle the foundation, culture, style, intensity and benefits between the two are significantly different. Body builder’s ultimate goal is to build, sculpt, and shape their body’s to look the most aesthetically appealing by lifting some sort of weight with specific movements. While cross fitters …show more content…
Such muscle groups are chest, arms, back, abdominals, legs traps, and shoulders. A normal workout as a bodybuilder may include exercise like deadlift, bench press, squats, DB curls, and pull ups. The goal is to become stronger while building muscle size and staying lean. Most of the time they are either “bulking” which is having a caloric surplus or “cutting” which is having a caloric deficit to cut fat and show their lean ripped physique. Cross fitter`s on the other hand do “WOD`S” or workout of the days which usually are no longer than 30 minutes in length and are very hard and intense. They focus on promoting muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. In cross fit there is no caloric deficit/surplus stage however having the right nutrition is important. A typical cross fit workout may include exercise like snatch, clean and jerk, overhand front squat, KB swings and muscle ups. In cross fit and body building the risk of injury are high so it is important to learn how to properly do such exercise and know your limits. Either way you look at the two, the benefits that come with both of them will impact your health and life style in indescribable ways. Both require tons of dedication, commitment and motivation. However, cross fit focuses much more on cardiovascular endurance and body building focuses more on muscle mass and size, both will form you into an elite athlete and will allow you to do things the average person could not do. Cross fit and bodybuilding promotes strength, can make you look fantastic and will help prepare your body for your daily

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