Difference Between Creative And Creativity

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What makes creative or creativity different?
In this part, creative will be explained in two areas: creative problem-solving and the characteristics of the creative individual. There are two essential factors that indicate a solution to a problem categorised as a creative solution: the solution must be novel, and it should solve the question as a problem (Weisberg, 1986). Additionally, Weisberg (1986) also emphasised some factors that play a role in creative problem-solving. Perceptual imagination is one of the factors mentioned. In the process of solving the problem creatively, a person should retrieve perceptual information from memory, and imagine the information about the possible solutions and the consequences of those solutions. Another
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Weisberg (1986) mentioned two characteristics that can be assessed in the creative individual: specific skill and motivation level. It is important for a creative individual to have specific skills in the specific area that they are working in. Weisberg did mention about personality, but he said personality might not sufficient for creative achievement. A specific personality type may accommodate creative achievement only in a specific problem and a specific environmental situation related to that specific personality. This theory has the similar perspective with Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory. Gardner believes that people have the different interests and abilities, and learn in the different way (Gardner, 2005). People can maximise their learning experiences based on their interests and abilities. The second characteristic, motivational level, described by Weisberg based on creative individual’s commitment. Creative individuals tend to commit their work. Another factor of motivation in creative individual is concentration. Weisberg said that anecdotal evidence shows that the creative individuals can forget the other things when they engage in their

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