Difference Between Countries And Developing Countries Essays

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With the rapid process of urbanization, increasingly people had the notion of megacity and most of them want to live in there, especially in developing countries. Megacity like a circular loop for a country that the government always want to develop local economy and people want to get a better life. As a result, many advanced facilities were built with the increasing population. However, it not means that all of megacity are the best choose for people’s life, it should depend on the situation of country, because even if in megacity, it is still has many problems and there are many difference between developing countries and developed countries. In this essay, it will brief contrast the difference of megacity in developed countries and developing countries in these three aspects: population status, megacity distribution and problems in megacity.

The growth of the population in megacities has different trends and numbers between developed countries and developing countries. In some developed countries, they have a stably flat increase in the population of megacities, while the number of population in developing countries rises dramatically in every year (United Nations, 2006). This is one of the reason that increasingly unpleasant things happened in the megacities of developed countries as a large number of people live in a same place, such as air pollution, the rise of crime rate or traffic congestion. For those people who live in developed countries, they could choose if…

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