Difference Between Competency Modelling and Traditional Job Analysis-"Sanchez"

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Sanchez, J.I. & Levine, E.L. What is the difference between Competency Modeling and Traditional Job Analysis. Human Resource Management Review (2008)
This article is a brief discussion about Traditional Job Analysis (TJA) and Competency Model (CM). It points out major differences and fundamental goals of two approaches by the HR. The article provides ways in which TJA combined with CM can help an organization to achieve strategic objectives by directing employee behavior. The article further highlights that CM links results to business goals which is not the case with TJA approach. In addition, TJA is more methodological in terms of data collection, level of detail, assessment of
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Thus, CM has an advantage that an employees’ job performance can be influenced by encouraging the employee to interpret his job in a way which best aligns with organization’s strategy.
Another major difference is that TJA focuses solely on the job with formal job responsibilities and KSAOs requirements of the job, whereas CM focuses on set of competencies that cut across jobs and layers of organization. CM “prescribes the most valued behavioral themes of the organization, regardless of the job” (Sanchez, 2008). TJA employs description of the job tasks and KSAOs that are required by a particular job and therefore these descriptors are unique to each job and do not allow between job comparisons. On the other hand, management can use CM approach to instill critical values and behaviors in their employees which can further help them to define their brand. The most important aspect of CM is that since the competencies represent universal behavior themes and they cut across all the jobs in an organization, it has an ability to simplify succession planning and career development systems. Thus, employees know exactly that development of certain behavior themes valued by the organization will help them advance in their careers and get better paid jobs and competencies become the drivers of their potential career progression. In TJA emphasis on the job is on the way it has been performed till date and source of information is from the incumbents who have an experience in

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