Why Is Collective Bargaining Important?

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Collective bargaining agreements, negotiations, and grievances are a must for organizations because they give employees the opportunity to have a voice in the workplace. Additionally, when the procedures are uniform, it ensures that these items are handled in the same manner from one employee to the next. Without procedures in place, any number of potential problems are possible, these may include, an increase in absenteeism, increased leave due to stress and low morale within the workplace. It is often believed that this trifecta is necessary to have a good working relationship between employer and employee, and having procedures in place for effectively handling and resolving disputes. However, outside the educational areas, there are many that feel that some of these procedures are antiquated and no longer necessary. This paper will look at both sides as well as future trends in all three areas. …show more content…
In an ideal situation, the two sides meet to establish common ground with predetermined rules and equitable conditions. Both sides are expected to make compromises for mutual benefit. For teachers specifically, it can affect every dimension of the workplace and can subsequently influence educational outcomes. Collective bargaining can be divided into three areas, they are: the duty to meet and confer; the duty to bargain in good faith; and the duty to cover a particular subject (AFL-CIO,

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