Difference Between American And Indian Managers Essay

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What are the main differences/similarities between the approaches to change American versus Indian managers?
In a prior job I sat down with the general manager to discuss the scope of my position. During the interview he had discussed things such as long-term development of employees and a sense of ownership to all positions not just the managerial staff. After hearing these things this seemed like a culture that I could really embrace and grow.
The company was starting from the ground up and we had the ability to help shape the culture in which we were going to work. From the kind of employees that we hired to the processes that we developed to train and motivate our workforce. This type of empowerment gave managers a sense of ownership. Allowed us to think about the long-term gain instead of the short-term solutions. Often times when you become a new manager at a company the first obstacles are putting out the fires of previous managers. Coming in as a brand-new company we had an obligation to develop the type of company this was going to be to work for.
A few months later after I was hired an Assistant General Manager was hired. Although he had come off of previous successes with other companies in sole purpose was to create an analysis to understand how the company was being run. There was one main problem with building an analysis for a company that is currently growing is there isn’t a lot to measure. So with the sample size that he was working with it did not give a…

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